Course Name: Production TechnologyYear of study: 2021
C211.1Design the patterns and core boxes for metal casting processes
C211.2Design the gating system for different metallic components
C211.3Classify the different types of manufacturing processes
C211.4Explain the Forging, Casting & Moulding
C211.5Explain the extrusion processes
C211.6Learn about the different types of welding processes used for special fabrication
Course Name: FM&HMYear of study: 2021
C221.1Explain the physical proprieties of fluids
C221.2Analyse Euler’s and Bernoulli’s equations for flow along a stream line
C221.3Analyse Boundary layer theory and Dimensional analysis
C221.4Classify the Basics of turbo machinery
C221.5Evaluate the Centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps
C221.6Demonstrate Hydraulic Turbines and performance of hydraulic turbines
Course Name: DMM-IIYear of study: 2021
C311.1Examine the suitability of the bearing for given application
C311.2Propose the suitable dimensions of the engine parts based on requirements.
C311.3Determine the stresses in curved beams
C311.4Design the power transmission systems and power screws
C311.5Evaluate strength of the gears
C311.6Solve the design calculations of levers, brackets and wire ropes
Course Name: R&ACYear of study: 2021
C321.1Explain the various air conditioning systems in aero plane for conditioning of air
C321.2Explain the VCRS and its components and analysis the performance of effect of sub cooling and superheating
C321.3Explain the types of compressors, condensers ,expansion valves and evaporators
C321.4List out the  two fluid and three fluid vapor absorption refrigeration systems
C321.5Explain the psychometric chart processes which are used in air-conditioning systems for comfort and industrial applications.
C321.6Estimate the cooling load calculations and select the appropriate process and equipment for the required comfort and industrial air-conditioning.
Course Name: FEMYear of study: 2021
C411.1Illustrate the finite element analysis using Variational and Residual methods
C411.2Apply finite element method for one dimensional bar problems
C411.3Solve the problems on truss and beam elements for engineering applications
C411.4Analyze the shape functions for two dimensional CST element problems
C411.5Apply fundamentals of Heat Transfer to solve problems in one dimensional fins
C411.6Apply eigen values and eigen vectors to solve problems on free, longitudinal and transverse vibrations of bar and beam elements